John's Floorcovering Company

We offer you peace at mind.........We have offered top notch service for
over 22 years. Our focus on customer service has generated a loyal following.

Once you've chosen your new floor, rest assured it will be installed by our
certified installation professional who will make sure you're completely
satisfied from the beginning to end.

Our craftsmen are up to date with current techniques and standards of the
floor covering industry. Our installers will transform your vision to reality.
We have a strong reputation, experience, industry certifications and a
warranty to stand behind when it comes to your installation

Our CFI (International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association)
installer has earned the advanced certifications in both Commercial II and
Residential II.

The installation is just as important as the floor covering you select. Many
customers are so excited about their new purchase of flooring that they
never check references and are unaware of an unqualified installer until after
the floor was installed.   With all the new EPA requirements and material
construction the installation procedures have changed greatly over the past
few years.

Keep in mind the floor covering installer is the “Finish person.”And if you
have to look at the floor everyday, you want it right.

More important than price is a quality installation. There is no savings for a poor job.

Find a CFI installer

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