How to Estimate for Wallpaper


To calculate how much wallpaper you will need:

Multiply the length of each wall space to receive wallpaper by its width to get the total square footage.

Always round up to your nearest foot when taking measurements and use a steel measuring tape (Not cloth)

Add the square footage of all the walls together.

Find the pattern repeat for the wallpaper you have chosen from website, sample book or from the label on the roll.

Divide the total square footage of your project by the usage table to the left.

This will be the number of single rolls you need. Divide by 2 to get to your nearest even number to get the number of double rolls/or bolts needed.  Keep in mind while product is priced in single rolls, they are packaged in double rolls or bolts.

When measuring for border just add the length of the walls in feet.  Divide by the length of paper in each package.

Wallpaper Borders
  And the roll width is 20.5"... And the roll width is 27"…
If the pattern repeat is… Divide square footage by… Divide square footage by…
0-6" 25 32
7-12" 22 30
13-18" 20 27
19-23" 18 25
24-28" 16 23
29-33" 14 21
34-38" 12 19




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